Branches from my father’s garden
to better find out who he might be 
On the edge of consciousness of well being we try to understand ourself through pictures that pretend to be the mirror of the inner side of our mind. There is no plan to escape.
Just the necessity to be in this infinite mindful process that leads us to nowhere if not to a peaceful state of mind.
Does photography serve the faculty of memory? Whatever the answer, a photograph is a portion of reality we chose to represent as an incontrovertible proof of fact.
The act of choosing and eliminating.

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Self published, 2020

Edition of 50 copies

22 x 28cm
96 pages

Body: Uncoated paper 80 gr/m2
Cover: Matte coated paper 130 gr/m2

Indigo digital print

Graphic Design: Nicolò Oriani